Saturday, June 13, 2015

Thanksgiving Table

It's taken me forever to post these pictures, but this is how I decorated the table for Thanksgiving. We had fewer guests than expected, but that gave me more room for table wares.  In the upper left hand corner you can see some cute little mini-pumpkins on the windowsill.   
I bought a number of vintage postcards at a local antique store and used them as place cards.  I chose each card specifically with each guest in mind.  I found one with a dog in it for my friend who loves dogs and who used to have a doggy daycare.  I chose the turkey card above for someone I knew would appreciate a more traditional image.     
I chose the card on this plate for myself because it features a little girl in a plaid skirt, and my family is partly of Scottish descent.
I was lucky to find the beautiful tablecloth at our local Goodwill store.  I handmade each of the napkins with a beautiful floral fabric I found at the fabric store. Overall I think the table came out pretty well and I have a year to think about what I'll do with next year's table. 

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