Monday, July 8, 2013

A Rose by Yet Another Name

A photo of one of my Graham Thomas roses.  I bought the rose bush last year and it bloomed beautifully.  This year, all of the growth above the graft seems to have died.  However, there are several branches below the graft that are growing like crazy, and are covered in dark red blooms.  They're beautiful, but don't have the amazing scent of the Graham Thomas blooms. According to everything I've read about roses, the shoots below the graft should be cut off to encourage growth above the graft, but I can't bear to cut off the red roses, because they're so pretty.  

A Rose by Any Other Name

A beautiful rose in my garden.  Unfortunately I've forgotten what type of rose this is, but it's very hardy and returns every year despite it's location beside the road and the heavy amount of road salt dumped on it by the snowplow. 



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